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La Tanisha Wright, CEO, Follow the Signs

La Tanisha Wright has first-hand knowledge of the predatory tactics of Big Tobacco. She is a former Big Tobacco Marketing Executive turned passionate, internationally known and nationally-acclaimed tobacco control advocate. Ms. Wright worked for Brown & Williamson (B&W) Tobacco, now RJ Reynolds (RJR) for three years. She has exceptional knowledge of the tobacco industry’s strategy of demographic targeting to minorities, predatory tobacco industry retail marketing, and the strategic placement of tobacco products to maximize sales and nicotine addiction. Prior to resigning from B&W, she clandestinely briefed Attorneys Generals in an effort to terminate B&W’s KOOL Mixx Campaign—an illegal campaign targeted at youth and African Americans. Her efforts resulted in a settlement in which B&W (RJR) agreed to pay nearly $1.5 million to four non-profits addressing tobacco prevention. She has been described as one of the foremost experts on predatory tobacco retail marketing tactics.

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